Whole Soul Wisdom

Ruby Peterson, Indigenous  Canadian Clinical Counsellor


WSW offers mentorship for community wellness professionals who are:

  • struggling with  self-doubt, about what they know and are afraid to share their gifts in, their work and their families or communities.  

Are you are in the helping field and

  • wish you could do something more in your community/work? 

  • feeling burnt-out,

  • misunderstood, 

  • disillusioned and 

  • hopelessly weighed down?


Do you:

  • want to revive your passion for this work?  

  • to reclaim the dream you once had when you started doing this work? 

  • Do you wish you had more confidence to truely offer your knowledge/

  • Do you often second-guess and keep what you know to yourself?

 I can help you!


My mentorship programs will support you as we reveal the mystery of why you silently withhold your passion and full involvement in your work and your life.  You will learn how to:

  • reclaim your power,

  • your voice,

  • your Sacred Knowing!

So you can confidently and fully show up in your work to give all your ideas, your suggestions and step into action with vitality and joy in your work and your life!  

You can Have this - and  I can help you!  


Your Community, your organization and the people you serve need you - all of you!  They are waiting.


Fulfilling your dream to make a difference! 

Individual and Group Packages



Training and Workshops

  • Empowering mindy, body soul for community wellness

  • Moving from Colonial oppression to Empowerment through reclaiming Sacred Indigenous Knowledge 

  • Intigrating Sacred Indigenous Knowledge practices in wellness programs and teams.

  • and more!

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  • Trauma effects  

    • relief, understanding and restorying

  • Natural defence responses

  • Dissociation

  • Understanding and reconnecting to body

  • Reframing brain's defense mechanisms

  • Grief and loss

  • Abuse (Emotional, physical, and sexual)

  • Suicide ideation/attempts

  • Stress release   

Organizational training and workshops are available on topics including:


  • children who've witnessed abuse

  • Child sexualized behaviours

  • Self Harm

  • Depression

  • Relationship Conflict

  • Violence/Anger

  • Substance misuse

  • Self-Identity

  • Violence and Anger issues

  • Indigenous Knowledge restorying

We provide a range of counselling services to individuals,(Children, Youth, Adults and Elders) groups, families and communities, in the areas of:

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