Whole Soul Wisdom

Ruby Peterson, Indigenous  Canadian Clinical Counsellor


To hold a safe place for your wisdom and healing to emerge. Offering a sacred space as you sit with your pain and questioning, to reconnect your value and place on mother earth, By combining the sacred traditional teachings of our ancestors and the learned therapeutic healing models to embrace the healing your were born for.

To awaken to our soul's calling, first we need to heal our own soul wounds, then we can remember to rememeber the teachings of "all our relations"...

Indigenous Wholistic Laws of the Land were hidden for many years. This was a dark and painful time for our ancestors. Today we are awakening to what the impacts of not walking with our Soul's Medicines have left us.  WSW is Committed to holding sacred Space to pick up our bundle and reclaim sacred healing and knowing,  If you are seeking ways you can reclaim this in your life and in your Work - I can do that!

  your Soul's wisdom is needed!


Trauma is about disconnection. Restoring our mind, body and spirit is attained though reconnecting our self and all our relationships. Through wholistic  Family Trauma Healing and Indigenous Knowledge that helps us remember our sacred connections to all life, we can restore ourselves.  


Great healing can happen through reconnecting us to our land, our teachings, and ourselves.  


The wisdom of caring for our selves and remembering sacred teachings of Natural Law will help bring our whole sacred connections back into the light. 


We are in a time where Mother earth is calling for our help...  

We can begin helping with healing our own soul wound... then healing our wounded relationships...

It is then that we can see our relationship with Mother Earth - and help heal this too. 

Whole Soul Wisdom's Commitment:

5 percent will be donated to a cause that supports the sustainability of Mother Earth and/or First Nation Trauma healing.


Say "YES" to your Soul!