Whole Soul Wisdom

Ruby Peterson, Indigenous  Canadian Clinical Counsellor


Hiking our beautiful traditional territories: Atluck Lake, Vancouver Island,BC

I'm a learner and a teacher.  
My grandmother said: "you're never too old to learn".  These are words I live by.  
I am a perfectly imperfect human being, walking this earth as a grateful Daughter; wife to a man who loves me and has taught me love and commitment; I am a mom with many children - some birthed, some inherited, some at home, some are grown; I am a grandmother; sister, auntie and dedicated human being to the cause of restoring balance to mother earth and ourselves.
There is so much I am grateful for today - but it wasn't always this way. Reclaiming my sacred self has taken commitment, determination, and the humility to seek support when I need it. What I offer you - sacred, safe healing - had to begin with me.
You are here to heal. You have what it takes and you were never meant to do it alone.

Each of us are worthy, deserving and capable of a life of Love, Peace, Harmony and Connection.   

Ruby Peterson, BSW, M.Ed. CCC, 


Gilakas'la! I am a proud and culturally strong Indigenous Canadian Certified Counsellor, with 25 years experience in the Wellness field, specializing in grief and `intergenerational Trauma healing.


I was born and raised in the village of Alert Bay, BC with my mother, and a large extended family.  I am grateful to say My granny and grandpa were a big presence in my younger years until I left home at 16  to complete high school in the city.  After school I  joined the military Reserves and travelled for almost 9 years before life's realities brought me back to my Indigenous teachings.  After some guidance from Cree and Ojibway elders in Ontario, I returned home to embrace my family and the healing of my soul wound.  This is an ongoing journey for me.

I attended the University of Victoria, where I intentionally held Indigenous story and teachings throughout my education. My teachers of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge came from Cree, Ojibway, Nuu-chah-nulth, Makaw, Navajo and my own Kwakwakawakw relatives.  I have taken my experience and integrated into my own unique counselling approach, that combines Indigenous Knowledge and Western Counselling practices.  As a constant learner in the field, I seek learning opportunities that compliment our Indigenous practices.


My intention is to  provide a safe, sacred supportive atmosphere to assist you when you feel overwhelmed with grief, loss, relationship issues, abuses and trauma - including historical - I help you to understand to the natural and normal traumatic responses like fear, anger, rage, substance use, self abuse, anxiety -to name a few - and discover your wisdom strength, and answers for your best life.  My own healing is ongoing, and as I grow and develop, the gifts I can offer, deepens into the sacred mysteries of life.


I offer culturally sensitive empowering approach that holds context in our Indigenous history of intergenerational trauma - AND our powerful strengths and resilience of ancestral Indigenous knowing of the sacred. Western therapies I share include body-centred, narrative, mindfulness, and play therapy counselling practices.  


I believe each of us holds the wisdom we need in life, and with gentle, respectful safe space, we can restore our heart, mind and spirit and heal our soul wounds.



Gratitude and connection is the natural reward of looking within and finding our true self, our promise and purpose.  This is the beauty way.

                                                                                                                          Ruby Peterson, 2016