Whole Soul Wisdom

Ruby Peterson, Indigenous  Canadian Clinical Counsellor


Are you struggling and don't know what to do or how to handle the stress/pain/pressure you feel?

Are you responding in ways you wish you didn't?

I am an registered Indigenous clinical therapist with over 25 years experience working with families, children and youth.  


If you are dealing with intergenerational Trauma, grief & loss, abuses, shame, self identity and belonging issues, and find yourself behaving in ways that seek what is missing or escape from thoughts/memories, you could benefit from having a safe space for your story to be seen and heard, and your ability to cope, restored to balance. 


Together we can bring understanding and wellness.  By holding sacred witness to your own story and guide your internal wisdom of self, using mind, body and spirit re-connection/ integration to restore the balance.  Thus, calming the dis-ease of your thoughts, emotions and body. By Combining Evidence based therapeutic practice and Well-established Indigenous teachings, I can guide you through this.


Remembering: YOUR wisdom and knowledge as expert of your own life is a central part of our work together...  MY job is to offer a safe space to help you remember to remember...



Specializing in Aboriginal related issues


       *Individual counselling to children, youth, adults & families                      *Community and organizational services and consultation.


Offering COVID safe in person, video and telephone Counselling

Ruby Peterson, MEd, CCC, Canadian Certified Counsellor 

Email to receive a free 20 minute consultation by phone or video.  

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